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Food Delivery Distribution Program

Food Delivery Distribution Program

PSD Southern District Headquarters designed a food program that will benefit everyone throughout the entire community. The program began in May of 2020 and is still thriving, PSD has delivered hundreds of boxes of food to over 500 Families throughout Polk County. We have worked with many Non-Profits as well as Southeastern Food Bank, Midwest Food Bank, and Florida 1 More child.


PSD provides food boxes for families who will benefit from our food program, no one is exempt. Please reach out to us by filling out the form below or give us a call at the number provided.

Either Inquiry will put you on our waiting list & we will contact you when we get to your number.

$10 Membership

One Time Shipment

*Requires $10 delivery Fee*

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$25,270 Raised

$100,000 Goal

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